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Amsterdam Muiderslot Castle

Under the shadow of the beautiful city of Amsterdam, at the Vecht river mouth, sits Muiderslot Castle, one of the oldest and best preserved medieval castles in the Netherlands and best kept secret. A real castle, with a moat, a drawbridge, towers, battlements and arrow slits. The castle is over 700 years old and surrounded by water and beautiful historical gardens.  In the thirteenth century there was probably a toll house at the location where the castle was built by Floris V, Count of Holland and Zeeland. Floris turned the toll house into a square castle with a tower on every corner and controlled the Vecht river estuary.  By means of a chain over the river Vecht, Floris was able...

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National Park Oostvaardersplassen

The Oostvaardersplassen is a unique nature reserve in the Netherlands, managed by the State Forestry Service. This Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves was founded in 1899, and currently oversees 250,000 ha (over 615,000 ac) of land in the Netherlands. Tulip Day Tours is proud to be the first and only tour operator in the Netherlands to collaborate with State Forestry Service. Together we offer afternoon tours, departing from Amsterdam, that entail exploring national park Oostvaardersplassen with a ranger of State Forestry Service by eco car. To understand why the Oostvaardersplassen, covering about 56 sq mi (56 sq km), is so special, we should also take its location into consideration; the province of Flevoland. Flevoland is...

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The Dutch and their Bicycles

In the Netherlands, the average age that kids learn to cycle is around five years, with many three-year-olds already knowing how to ride their bicycle! These kids go to school on their very own bicycle, often gifted as a birthday or graduation present. Also our royal family cycles; just like other kids princesses Amalia, Ariana and Alexia use their bikes to go to (public) school. Not matter how much it rains, snows, hails or how strong the wind is, or any other type of weather for that matter, the Dutch go through it all. On their bicycles. How did the Netherlands become the cycling country of Europe and maybe even of the world? In the 19th century, when the two-wheeler...

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The Most Popular Dutch Cheeses

Ever feel like buying cheese, but not sure which one to get? Even for a Dutch person it is confusing sometimes! Therefore we decided to clear up the cheese confusions, so have a look at the most popular cheeses in the Netherlands.   Goudse Gouda cheese is the most important and famous Dutch cheese. It has a flat-round shape and convex sides, weighs around 12 kilos (26 lbs) and must contain 48% fat. It is a semi-hard cheese, firm in shape and mild in taste. The older the cheese, the firmer it becomes. With age also the taste changes: it becomes increasingly drier and spicier. Besides the flat-round shape, Gouda cheeses are also square and rectangular. In addition, there is...

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The tallest cheese heads in the world

The Dutch are known as kaaskoppen (cheese heads) and are considered to be the tallest people in the world. That’s not a surprise, with women having an average height of 5 ft 7” and men 6 ft.  Biologists believe that the protein-rich diet of the Dutch plays a big role. Where the French often drink wine at noon, many Dutch families and many canteens have milk on the table. The Dutch also consume that same milk in the form of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. And that milk naturally contains growth hormones. But why do the Dutch eat so many dairy products (235 lbs per person per year)? For some 3,000 years the Dutch already make cheese. How did...

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