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The History of the Wind Mill

During the peak there were more than 9,000 mills in the Netherlands. Nowadays there are only 1,048 wind mills and 108 water mills left, and tanks to the efforts of volunteers, many of these mills wind are still regularly in operation. This way they keep our cultural heritage alive. But what about the history of these mills? In the 13th century, the first mills appeared In the Netherlands: horse mills, powered by an animal (horse or donkey), grinding grain into flour. Windmills came later and were taxed - the so-called right of wind, which had to be paid to the lord of the court. Common people were confronted with mill rights, which meant that they themselves were not allowed to grind...

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Tips for Planting Tulip Bulbs

Recommended Planting TimeIt is best to monitor the temperature of the soil to determine when it is the best time to plant tulip bulbs. Planting is a good idea when the soil’s temperature is below 50ºF, as the bulbs need to start making roots before the start of the winter. Only in the cold winter they can prepare for their flowering.If you live somewhere where your winters aren't cold enough for a long enough time, you can also put the bulbs in the refrigerator for at least six to eight weeks prior to planting (then plant the bulbs in late December or early January). Soil Conditions No particular soil is required for planting flower bulbs, as long it is well-drained....

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