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Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Bulbs

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In collaboration with traditional tulip farms, we selected 25 varieties of tulips that cover the entire spring blooming season. From delicately blushed early bloomers to bold and bi-colored mid-season anchors. Harvest more than an arm full each cutting round. Make weekly fresh flower arrangements and surprise family, friends or even neighbors with a bunch (or two!).

We offer you a blend of 125 of the best selected tulips for only €60 (incl. sales tax, excl. shipping costs). The tulip bulb package will be delivered to your home in mid to late October, right after they’ve been harvested.

Tulip Tips

  • Keep some of the bulbs as small presents for friends and family

  • If where you live is too warm during winter (the bulbs need some frost), you can also put them in the refrigerator for six to eight weeks -this will ‘activate’ the bulbs