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Man has influenced the Dutch landscape throughout history. It's veined with dikes, waterways, mounds, defense lines, estates, villages and towns. Castles, country estates and windmills form an important part of Dutch cultural heritage and have played a major role in shaping and designing the Dutch (cultural) landscape.

Discover Amsterdam Muiderslot Castle, a beautiful medieval castle dating back to 1285. For seven centuries the castle played an important part in protecting the country against water and as part of a line of defences against foreign invaders, including the Stelling van Amsterdam (Defense Line of Amsterdam). You can read more about the castle here. The castle visit is offered as a half-day tour, and as full day tour in combination with other exciting discoveries such as the Royal Flower Auction, Keukenhof tulip gardens, Kinderdijk and a cheese making workshop.

World heritage site Kinderdijk, home to the highest concentration of historical windmills in the world, can also be explored. Climb the stairs inside one windmill to discover how water and wind are harvested by this historical and sustainable engineering. Also the windmills can be combined with other features such as the castle, Delft, Rotterdam, the Royal Flower Auction and many more.