Corona Virus (COVID-19)

March 30, 2020
Following the policies of our government to tackle COVID-19, all our tours have been canceled until April 28. We will keep you updated here. You can help us!

March 15, 2020
We follow the necessary measures taken by our government and have canceled all tours until at least April 6. We will keep you updated here.

March 10, 2020 
As we offer only private tours and small group tours with maximum seven travelers, we continue to operate our tours. Naturally, travelers who are sick are not allowed on our tours.

Usually our groups are not larger than seven travelers, but to reduce any risk, for now all our small public group tours have been downsized to maximum four travelers. If you're not sure about joining a small public group tour, or you're traveling with a group of four or more, a private tour may be the outcome. 

In times like these, we can operate only tours where no-one is at risk; not the locals and not the traveler. The Flower Auction is currently closed, as are Kinderdijk (until 4/30) and Amsterdam Castle (until 3/31). In Ghent the restaurants are closed and we don't know anything about Keukenhof tulip gardens yet.

But the cities are quiet so we continue our walking tours* in the cities that are 'open', such as Edam and Volendam. Also our off-the-beaten path experiences  -such as the tulip farms tour, the Texel Island tour and the national park kayak tour- are well suited in times like these and have been adjusted in such a way that there are no other people involved and that no-one is at risk.


We keep a close eye on the situation, follow the recommendations of both the WHO and our government, and act accordingly. 

* We don't offer walking tours in Amsterdam