Our new website goes live mid-July, 2021! For reservations or information you can contact us by WhatsApp, email or the messenger on this page. From Sept we are operational again and back to our regular group sizes (max 6 or 7 travelers).


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Corona-proof traveling
in the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Now that corona has changed the world, carefree traveling seems not to be a given anymore. Before corona we could make travel plans and book tours without the need to wonder if you'd get your money back upon cancelation. But more important, we didn't have to worry about being infected with a (deadly) virus.

The corona protocol that we've put in place allows our travelers to enjoy our authentic, off-the-beaten path experiences just as carefree as before corona. And at all times we guarantee our 24-hr free cancelation policy. At any given moment, but up to 24 hours before the experience takes place, click 'cancel' in your booking confirmation and receive a full refund instantly. So no need to worry about that.

Our adjustments do affect availability as group sizes are reduced. Moreover, some experiences may be unavailable as borders can be closed, we can't guarantee social distancing or because a venue has closed its doors. In the booking engines can be seen if an experience is (un)available.

When in doubt, just send us a (WhatsApp) message using the messengers on this page. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Dutch local guide of Tulip Day Tours wearing a face mask during corona crisis

Tulip Day Tours | Corona protocol

With respect to transportation and corona, we follow the adhere to the Royal Dutch Transport sector protocol* as published on the website of the Dutch government**. In order to make our travelers feel as safe and comfortable as possible we have added a number of measures of our own to the protocol, such as temperature checks and mandatory use of anti-bacterial handgel.

    • The maximum group size for private tours is six travelers, provided that they form a household. Before the start of the tour Tulip Day Tours has to be notified in writing that the travelers are a ‘household’, so that the guide can provide proof of this in case of possible checks by community service officers;

    • The maximum group size for private tours consisting of two households is four travelers, one household per seating row in the vehicle. No written notification needed;

    • The maximum group size for all small public group tours is four travelers: one travel party per row in the vehicle - a travel party is a solo traveler or a duo/couple traveling together;

    • Seating rows in our vehicles are separated by screens;

    • All small public group tours include hotel pick-up & drop-off in the city of Amsterdam; only when booked directly on this website;

    • All private tours include pick-up & drop-off anywhere in the region;

    • Each tour is tailored to the possibilities and challenges of that respective tour; if needed, guides play with the timings in such a way that there’s enough space to enjoy the tour;

    • Start times for all small public group tours remain the same as published on the respective webpage. Start times for private tours are an indication and are reconfirmed after booking based on traveler's pick-up address and preference;

    • Travelers place their own luggage in the vehicle, get in and out of the vehicle themselves and fasten their own seatbelts;

    • Before boarding the vehicle the travelers must answer the guide's health questions related to corona symptoms, undergo a temperature check with one of these fancy laser 🌡️ and use the provided anti-bacterial hand gel;

    • While in the vehicle travelers must wear the provided face mask 😷;

    • During all tours social distancing is maintained. As we use a tour guide whisper system, travelers can wander off and still hear the guide clearly;

    • Our vehicles are sanitized before, during and after each tour;

    • Private walking tours (group size maximum four including guide) are always available. Meet your guide in the city of your choice. The use of our headsets makes social distancing very easy as you can hear your guide even from 100 yards away. If interested, contact us!

    • At all times we guarantee our 24-hr free cancelation policy. At any given moment, but up to 24 hours before the tour, cancel with just one click and receive a full refund instantly;

    • Questions? Check out our F.A.Q. page or contact us!

* Source: Sector Protocol
** Source: Dutch Government & COVID-19

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