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You don't have to visit the Netherlands in Spring to be amazed by all the colorful flowers. As flowers and plants from all over the world are connected to the Dutch flower industry, you can experience flowers in the Netherlands all year around. Our tours give insights in the different chains of the Dutch flower industry.

Royal FloraHolland, the world's largest trading center for plants and flowers, is where flowers and plants from all over the world arrive daily to be auctioned early in the morning. The flower auction can be visited all year around (except weekends and holidays).

The Orchideeënhoeve (Orchid Farm) in Luttelgeest, also open all year around, is a magnificent jungle indoor park with different tropical gardens that’s unique to Europe.

Holland, the area that covers the provinces of North-Holland and South-Holland, is famous for its tulip farms. From January until April you can go behind the scenes of the tulip farms of CoasTulip Experience, a collaboration of several traditional tulip farms in Holland that are visited by professionals in the flower industry from all over the world. See for yourself how tulip farmers grow and cultivate tulips the traditional way.

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