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In-depth Walking Tour &
coffeeshop experience

Indepth private guided walking tour of Amsterdam with a coffeeshop experience

Private Experience

When you’re in your twenties or thirties and you’re visiting Amsterdam with friends, there’s probably not much holding you back from visiting a coffeeshop. For many it is even the reason they've come to our small capital.

And then there are those who have other reasons to visit Amsterdam, such as the world class museums the city has to offer. Exploring a city that’s so beautiful that you just want to stay outside soaking it all in. Old buildings that you want to learn more about. Walking around in the city of tolerance, feelings such as freedom, curiosity and possibility are contagious. Do you know what I’m talking about? It seems that everything is possible in Amsterdam.

Especially for those who want to know more about the city's history, people, culture and community, we offer this in-depth walking tour. If you're curious about coffeeshops and want to gain real insights, or aren’t comfortable with going there by yourself, this tour is for you as it also includes a coffeeshop experience.

Wow… WHAT are you doing??? Yes, exactly what’s mentioned above. BUT WHY?? Because our tours are about Dutch culture and society and almost every town in 🇳🇱 has (a) coffeeshop(s). Simply put, it’s part of our culture!

Tour Description

There are many in Amsterdam who offer coffee shop tours, but none of them do what we do as we have our own unique ways of conducting tours (we've even won a price for this!). Our guide Karel is born and raised in Amsterdam and we yet have to find the person who knows the city or its people better than he does. Karel has traveled all over the 🌏 and lived in China 🇨🇳 and the United States 🇺🇸 so he can relate to where you are coming from and what is of interest to you specifically.

You meet Karel at the National Monument on Dam Square, the heart of the city. From here Karel takes you on a journey by foot through the city center of Amsterdam. A walk through De Wallen, known as the red light district, and shedding light 💡 on the 'why, who, how, what and where' questions gives you more insight on the pragmatic reasoning of the Dutch.

On your way to a coffeeshop you pass by the Old Church ⛪ where Rembrandt married his Saskia and stop here for a few minutes. Take a peak inside, or visit the PIC (Prostitution Information Center). To get more perspective you can ask the women in the PIC anything you’d like to know about sex work(ers).

The last stop of the walking tour is at a coffeeshop of Karel’s choice -after all, he’s the one that knows them- for a hands-on experience. Karel shows you the different sorts of cannabis and demonstrates how to roll and smoke a joint. Naturally you don’t have to smoke it (but you can) as it is all about the experience of being with a local in a coffeeshop in order to gain insights and indulging yourself in Dutch culture!

Additional Information

A small private group allows us to offer you an authentic experience as we can show you much more than with a large group. The maximum group size for this private tour is therefore four travelers.

Because we don’t want to make the neighborhood more busy than it already is, we offer this tours on hours that it is the least crowded. On weekdays in the morning and early afternoon, but in the weekends only in the morning.

As this is a private experience, the tour is tailored to your wishes.

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Discover hidden places of Amsterdam with this private walking tour


  • • Private guide for 2.5 hours

  • • Private guided walking tour of Amsterdam City Center, including Red Light District

  • • Headsets to hear the guide clearly

  • • Coffeeshop Hands-On Experience

  • • All taxes, fees and handling charges

local guide Karel Terstall looks forward to showing you around in the Red Light District and offers you an authentic coffeeshop experience in Amsterdam


  • • 1 Adult (age 18+), € 164 p.p.

  • • 2 Adults, € 79 p.p.

  • • 3 Adults, € 59 p.p.

  • • 4 Adults, € 47 p.p.

  • • Booking engine closing time: 12 hours before start time. Too late? Contact us, perhaps we have availability

  • • Price in the booking engine is the total price for all travelers

  • • 24-hr free cancelation policy; click 'cancel' in your booking confirmation at least 24 hours before the tour and receive a full refund instantly

Set off on a private guided walking tour of the Red Light District in Amsterdam holland

Practical Information

  • • Meet Karel at the booked time at the National Monument on Dam Square

  • • Duration of complete tour: ± 2.5 hrs

  • Corona-proof experience with social distancing maintained and disposable face masks provided

  • • Max group size is 4 travelers

  • • Not allowed to take 📷 or 🎥 in the Red Light District

  • • Available all year around

  • • As this tour includes a coffeeshop experience, the minimum age for participation is 18 years

  • • Questions? Use the messenger on this page or contact us directly

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