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Optional Boxed Lunch

For certain tours you have the option to add a boxed lunch to your booking. We do this because it is either a long day tour with not many eating options, or because we believe it is a nice extra feature adding value to the experience such as a picnic lunch in the picnic meadow of Keukenhof tulip gardens. And just like us Dutchies who bring our lunch with us from home to almost anywhere we go, you too are more than welcome to bring your own lunch with you on the tour.

 Schulp organic apple juice is part of the boxed lunch of Tulip Day Tours

Content lunch box

  • • Water

  • • Organic apple juice

  • • Piece of fruit

  • • Dutch snack

  • • 2 DeLuxe Sandwiches (multigrain triangle)

two girls enjoy their lunch sitting in the tulip fields of keukenhof spring flower park in holland


  • • € 12.95 per person

  • • You can let us know about any food allergies when we personally reconfirm your booking to check about your interests and preferences

DeLuxe multigrain triangles are part of the lunch box of tulip day tours

Sandwich choices

  • Vegan Humus with avocado, arugula, cucumber and sun-dried tomatoes

  • Vegetarian Old Cheese with butter, arugula, cucumber, red onion and a mustard-dill dressing

  • Fish Smoked Salmon with butter, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber

  • Meat Roast beef with butter, arugula, parmezan cheese, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and honey-mustard dressing