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Small Public Group Tours in Spring & Summer

Spring & Summer - Small Public Group Tours | March - October

Traveling to the Netherlands in Spring or Summer? Have you thought about escaping Amsterdam for a day and see what's outside this city? Especially in the Summer it can get quite hot and you know what they say.. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, for the Dutch that means seeking out the water or one of our islands in the north and because we want your experience to be authentic as possible, that's exactly what we do too. Explore Texel Island in world heritage Wadden Sea, head to a national park for a kayak trip or visit Giethoorn to experience this gorgeous fairytale-like village that has no roads.

If you don't feel like being on the water, another great thing to do is a tour of the world heritage windmills of Kinderdijk. Never too warm because of the wind. Inside the small castle of Amsterdam is also stays pretty cool and is great to visit if you have a half a day to spare.

All small public group tours on this page are corona-proof, available during in Spring and Summer (unless stated different) and include hotel pick-up and drop-off in Amsterdam. As we confirm each booking personally, you can just select 'no pick-up' in the booking engine. For all public tours:

✔️ max group size is 4 travelers
✔️ incl. hotel pick-up & drop-off in Amsterdam, only when booked directly on this website
✔️ min age for participation is 8 years
✔️ always a 24-hr free cancelation policy and an instant full refund with just one click
✔️ corona-proof traveling
✔️ senior discounts available
✔️ perfect if you travel solo or as duo
✔️ if you stay in Amsterdam

Small Public Group Tours in Spring & Summer
two american girls on a private tour for millenials sit in the flower fields at keukenhof spring flower park in holland

Keukenhof Tours

  • Click here for all small public tours that visit Keukenhof spring flower park

millions of flowers and plants are processed daily in the flower auction of  Royal FloraHolland

Royal Flower Auction

  • • The flower auction starts early in the morning but it's worth it! Set off on a live-guided tour in English of Royal FloraHolland, the world's largest trading center in flowers and plants

  • • Go local and visit a local market outside Amsterdam or experience Dutch culture in an authentic old brown cafe (depends on day)

  • • Corona: we operate this tour from September 2020

  • Public Tour

The small castle of Amsterdam Muiderslot in Holland is surrounded by a moat with a clear blue sky

Medieval Castle of Amsterdam Muiderslot

  • • Discover one of the best preserved and oldest castles of the Netherlands and learn about castle life with a live-guided tour in English (audio-tour in other languages available)

  • • For an ultimate local experience visit a traditional old brown cafe along the Vecht river

  • Public Tour

Discover Amsterdam Castle with Tulip Day Tours

Amsterdam Castle & Kinderdijk Windmills

  • • Start with Kinderdijk windmills, before exploring medieval castle life at Amsterdam Muiderslot Castle

  • • Until 8/31 Amsterdam Castle can only be explored by audio-tour

  • Public Tour

all the windmills on a row at Kinderdijk with flowers in front of them

Unesco's Windmills of Kinderdijk

  • • Explore world heritage site Kinderdijk with its 19 windmills where your guide shows you the world of Dutch historical water management

  • • Visit two windmills and meet the millers. The boat ride afterwards is the cherry on the cake!

  • • Available

  • Public Tour

the flower auction hall of royalflora holland

Flower Auction & Amsterdam Castle

  • • Visit Royal FloraHolland early in the morning for a live-guided tour in English and to watch traders buy by the auction clock.

  • • Next is the quaint village of Muiden for a coffee break at a traditional brown cafe and to discover small castle Amsterdam Muiderslot

  • • Due to corona, we operate this tour from September 2020

  • Public Tour

all the windmills on a row at Kinderdijk with flowers in front of them

Flower Auction & Kinderdijk Windmills

  • • Visit the flower auction first, where you are amazed by the enormous amount of beautiful flowers from nearly 50 countries that are traded every day

  • • Continue your explorations at unesco's Kinderdijk, the location of the highest concentration of historical windmills in the world

  • • Due to corona, we operate this tour from September 2020

  • Public Tour

typical Dutch red-roofed houses along the canal in Edam Holland

Edam & Volendam | Dam Country Side Tour

  • • Start with Edam, a quaint, red-roofed village in the aptly named region of Waterland, and set off on a walking tour to learn all about its radiant history

  • • Next is Volendam, famous for fish and traditional costumes. Discover this fishing village with a guided info stroll along the famous Dyke and taste some herring. We'll teach you how to eat them properly 😉

  • Public Tour

a view from the Maas river on the skyline of Rotterdam with its impressive and innovative architecture that is known all over 
                                                                                                                                the world

Rotterdam | The sea port city of Holland

  • • In 1940 Rotterdam, the second largest city of 🇳🇱, was heavily bombed and the city was redesigned instead of rebuilt as it once was. Set off on a walking tour through the old harbor with its historical ships ending at the iconic market hall

  • • The skyline of Rotterdam with its innovative architecture is known all over the world. Embark on a harbor cruise and see the ultramodern handling of sea containers

  • Public Tour

the medieval gate to the city center of Delft

Delft & Rotterdam |
The old vs the new

  • • Discover Delft with a walking tour and learn about the city's important role in Dutch history. When in Delft a live-demonstration on how Delft Blue pottery traditionally is made cannot be missed!

  • • Next is Rotterdam, where you embark on a harbor cruise to experience this innovative city and its amazing skyline 🌇 from the water and to see the ultra-modern handling of sea containers

  • Public Tour

with our tour you can admire the beautiful farmhouses along the canals of Giethoorn that are surrounded with flowers in all colors

Giethoorn | the village without roads

  • • Travel overland to the province of Overijssel, home to picturesque Giethoorn, to experience this village without roads from the water

  • • Embark on a canal cruise and take in the amazing views of beautiful farmhouses, each located on its own little island. Enjoy some personal time to wander around. Try herring, discover the gemstone museum or the 🧀 shop!

  • Public Tour

private tour tour an orchid farm in Holland

Orchid Farm & Giethoorn

  • • Inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom season, you can surround yourself with thousands of flowers in the fairytale SkyFlora Garden

  • • Search, together with a wildlife guide, for rare butterflies and learn about their life span

  • • Let your guide sail your through the canals of Giethoorn by electrical whisper boat, just like the locals do!

  • Public Tour

an American couple in a kayak peddling in national park holland with tulip tours

Kayak National Park & Giethoorn

  • • Kayak or 🛶 in National Park Weerribben Wieden, the biggest peat bog of Northwest Europe and considered by many as one of the most extraordinary areas in 🇳🇱

  • • Next is Giethoorn, where you embark on a canal cruise and take in the amazing views of the beautiful farmhouses. Enjoy some personal time to wander around. Try kibbeling or some delicious 🧀

  • Public Tour

a beautiful image of a nature in the Netherlands during fall with tulip day tours

Kayak Tour in National Park Weerribben

  • • With over 24,000 acres, national park Weerribben Wieden is the largest contiguous low peat bog area in North-West Europe and considered by many as one of the most extraordinary areas in 🇳🇱

  • • Explore this national park by kayak or 🛶 and stop along the way for a well-deserved drink 🍺 🍷 ☕ at an authentic establishment

  • Private Tour

a blond tour guide of Tulip Day Tours on a bicycle on Texel Island in unesco's waddensea

Texel | Discover the island by E-bike

  • • Texel island in world heritage Wadden Sea 🌊 , perfect for a day trip from Amsterdam. Discover the island's beautiful unspoilt nature by e-bike and cycle without effort

  • • Taste the island cuisine and enjoy the traditional Texel's sheep cheese 🐑 pancake in a farmhouse from 1685 that's in the same family for over a century

  • Public Tour

street view of Ghent Belgium with medieval architecture

Ghent, Belgium 🇧🇪 |
De Fiere Stede

  • • Have you considered taking a sneakpeek across the border during your stay in Amsterdam? No need to hassle with expensive and time-consuming trains with this tour to beautiful medieval city of Ghent in Belgium

  • • Discover the city with a walking tour. Have a look at the most frequently stolen painting in the world that was featured in the movie Monuments Men, 'The adoration of the mystic lamb'

  • Public Tour

baby tulips in greenhouses in the country side of holland

Flower Auction & Traditional Tulip Farms

  • • Flowers, flowers and more flowers! Visit the flower auction first to learn about the Dutch flower industry

  • • Continue to two authentic tulip farms where they still grow tulips the traditional way. Become one of the first international visitors as they have only recently opened their door to the public

  • • Available only in Spring until mid-April

  • Public Tour

tradtional tulip farmers working in the greenhouse in the countryside of Holland

Behind the Scenes of Traditional Tulip Farms

  • • Growing tulips 🌷 the traditional way is unfortunately a dying profession as more and more 'tulip factories' emerge, but you have the chance to visit traditional farms before it's too late!

  • • Visit two traditional tulip farms and learn not only about tulips, but also about the impact of corona on their farms and the flower industry

  • • Available only in Spring until mid-April

  • Public Tour