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Rent Tour Guide Whisper System

Are you a tour guide and would you like to add more quality to your tours? Consider renting a Tour Guide Whisper System that allows your travelers to wander off and take pictures while listening to the interesting information and stories you are sharing. Moreover, it makes walking with a group in a busy city more safe and convenient, because without difficulty or the need to raise your voice your travelers can hear you instructions clearly. The tour guide uses a transmitter and the travelers the receivers.

Useful specifications

  • Integrated battery system
  • Range of 150 to 200 meter
  • 100 different channels
  • Weighs 50 grams and fits easily in a pocket 


Our prices are per day and exclude 21% tax and costs for delivery and pick-up. A Tulip Day Tours team member will bring the set to you, so that you can check that everything is there. After the rental period the set is picked up again. We charge € 35 for delivery & pick-up in Amsterdam, Almere, Amersfoort and Utrecht. The set can also be picked up in Hilversum (for free). 


Set A:  2 transmitters and 20 receivers, € 70

Set B: 2 transmitters and 30 receivers, € 100

Set C: 2 transmitters and 40 receivers, € 120


We charge € 80 per receiver or transmitter that is missing or returned damaged.

Credit card details are requested as deposit.

We always pick up the set to check if the set is complete and undamaged. Therefore the set cannot be taken to a different city / country to be shipped back again.

Interested in renting a whisper system?

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