We are currently transitioning to a new website. Not all experiences on this website have been updated but you can still book an experience. Just contact us by WhatsApp, email or the messenger on this page. We don't operate any experiences while the Netherlands is in lockdown. Follow us on Instagram @tulipdaytours to receive the latest updates!


How do you deal with experiences and the coronavirus?

We have put an extensive corona-protocol in place with procedures that go further than both local and national recommendations and regulations. We take the coronavirus very seriously and our highest priority is that our international travelers can enjoy our experiences without having to worry about corona.

As travelers ourselves we know how annoying it is that if you cancel something that you've booked nowadays, that you don't receive your money back but instead a voucher. Well, we don't work like that. Our cancelation policy guarantees that if you cancel no later than 24 hours before the tour, that you receive a full refund instantly in the same method of payment.

Do you operate any experiences right now?

Unless the situation changes in the Netherlands, until January we don't operate any experiences that involves transportation. The Netherlands is still combating the coronavirus and staying at home is the best thing we can do right now.

The second weekend of January we start with our private experiences again (if all goes well).
From June 2021 we pick up our public tours. Unless vaccin miracles happen 🤞

But... if you find yourself in the city of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Delft or Rotterdam and you are looking for a private guided walking tour, you can still contact us. The Dutch governmental regulations allows groups of maximum four people to be outside together. So you can contact us if you are with three or less (see contact details a bit below). You can meet the guide outside in the city as they need some fresh air too. The headsets that we use lets you hear the guide even from 100 yards away (100 m). Busy places (if there are any) are avoided so at all times social distancing is maintained.

How can I book an experience?

When you see an experience of your liking and you want to book it, you can do so by using the booking engine of the description page of that particular experience. You will be forwarded to a secured payment page hosted by our payment provider Stripe. Payments take place by credit card, PayPal or iDeal.

Can I book customized experiences?

Private experiences can always be customized! Yes! It’s one of our specialities even. Drop us a line by email, by WhatsApp by the messenger on this page and let us know what you'd like to experience in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands. Perhaps you’d like to change the timing, do something that's not listed or anything else for that matter
🤿 🏊 🚴 🏃 🪂 🛥️ 🚁 🤺 🏇 🧗 🏄
We always crunch the numbers as much as we can, so don’t hesitate to message us directly for a competitive price!

Public tours cannot be customized as there may be other travelers participating in this tour. Therefore we stick to the itineraries as they are published. But our spontaneous guides are flexible and when they encounter something of interest that deserves attention, they surely will go for it. If it's about the content of the tour we always do our best to cover topics that are of interest to you in particular. So feel free to ask your guide!

How can I book a customized private experience?

Once we’ve come up with a plan we send it to you. When you let us know that you’d like to book the customized tour we reserve the date for you and send you a link to a secured invoice payment page hosted by our payment provider Stripe. It's important to know that the link expires after two days and that the reserved date automatically becomes available to others again.

What are the cut-off times for booking? Can I book an experience at the last minute when I am already in Amsterdam?

That depends on how long you are going to be in Amsterdam. For most experiences the booking engine closes at either 3pm, 6pm or 8pm, the day before the tour.

In general we don't close private experiences earlier than the official booking cut-off time, unless we know that certain features have limited availalility. For example, in high season when it is beautiful weather it is be difficult for us to arrange e-bikes at the last moment. As you know well, (e)cycling is very popular overhere. We therefore advise you to book as early as possible if you want to be certain that a particular experience is available. Because once you have booked the tour we will immediately make the necessary arrangements. And if the weather is going to be bad, well, there's always the 24-hr free cancelation policy that gives you enough time to check the weather forecast 🌦️ 🔭

However, with public tours it can happen that we close the booking engine of a particular tour earlier than the offical booking cut-off time. We do this when we don't have any bookings for that particular day or if we run that same tour the day before or after.

We therefore recommend you to book your public tour as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out because we closed the tour too soon because we didn’t have any bookings.

Do you cancel experiences?

We don't cancel private experiences. Of course, if there's a snow storm or a tornado or something, then it is a different story. But in general, no, we don't cancel any private experiences from our side. But important to know is that we do have the right to cancel public tours if the minimum number of two participants is not met. It doesn't happen a lot, but if it does we will let you know at least 48 hours before the tour; giving you time to make other plans. Naturally you receive a full refund when that happens.

I’ve lost my booking confirmation. What can I do?

No worries about that! In fact, don’t worry at all about your booking confirmation. Within a couple of days after you’ve booked an experience we contact you by email or SMS to confirm the details of the tour with you e.g. pick-up time and location.

Can I cancel my experience?

Yes, absolutely. At all times and for all tours we guarantee our 24-hr free cancelation policy. This means that you can click ‘cancel’ in your booking confirmation up to 24 hours before the start of the tour and receive an instant full refund through the same method of payment.

We are aware that in order to survive the corona time many other businesses in the hospitality and travel industry need to work with vouchers when dealing with cancelations. This is not how we work. With us you always get your money back immediately.

Can I change the date of my experience?

If we have availability for the date that you have in mind, absolutely! Just make sure to let us know at least 24 hours before the tours starts to keep the option of canceling if we don't have availability on the date that you want to move it to.

When you’d like to change the date of a public tour just keep in mind that in general we don’t operate the same public tour two subsequent days. The earlier you check with us, the higher the chance that we can move your tour. But we always do our best for you 😀

Is hotel pick-up and drop-off included?

If you book with us directly, pick-up and drop-off is always included. Generally all private tours include pick-up and drop-off anywhere in the Randstad region. The pick-up address does not have to be the same as the drop-off address and there's plenty of room for luggage in our vehicles. This means that you can include your transportation in your private tour e.g. if you're coming from or going to the airport.

Public tours booked on this website always include pick-up and drop-off anywhere in the city of Amsterdam. The same goes here; pick-up and drop-off doesn't have to be the same address, as long as they are both in the city of Amsterdam. As we confirm each booking with you personally by email or SMS/WhatsApp, you can select 'no pick-up' when booking a public tour in the booking engine.

Do you offer tours departing from or going to the airport 🛬 ?

All private tours include pick-up and drop-off anywhere in the Randstad region, including Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam / The Hague Airport.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

All our experiences require walking, sometimes over uneven walking surfaces, including unpaved paths and cobblestones but some more than others. It differs per tour if it is accessible for a wheelchair. Even though there's space in our vehicles for foldable wheelchairs, the surfaces often don't allow it. But places such as Keukenhof are easily accessible for wheelchairs and offer free use of their wheelchairs. If you're not sure, use the messenger and ask us!

Are pets allowed on the tour?

Although we love pets, unfortunately they can't participate in our experiences. Guide or aid dogs however are allowed on our private experiences 🦮

What is the child policy?

Tours such as Amsterdam Castle, Kayaking in National Park Weerribben Wieden, E-biking on Texel Island, a day on the water and many more, are also great for kids. At all times children younger than eightteen must be accompanied by a guardian/parent/supervisor. The minimum age for participation in all our public tours is eight years. If you're traveling with children under the age of eight years, our private tours are perfect. We have infant/chld car seats for complimentary use available. You can let us know if you need any when we contact you after you've booked a tour.

Do you have a question that is not addressed here?

Use the messenger on this page and ask us directly!