Volendam and Edam: Remarkable Holland

Discover the quaint fishing villages of Volendam and Edam with this 3.5-hour private tour. Meet your guide in Volendam, a famous fishing village where traditional costumes are still worn. The village is very easily reached by direct bus from Amsterdam Central Station (30 min). Set off on a walking tour and be amazed by its radiant history. Continue to Edam, a quaint, red-roofed village in the aptly named region of Waterland where you will enjoy a guided stroll.  

The easiest way to get to Volendam is by direct bus from Amsterdam Central Station (IJ-zijde, bus no. 316). Your guide will be waiting for in Volendam, right where you get off the bus. Start with a walking tour and discover what it exactly is that makes Volendam so popular. And since Volendam is famous for its fishing history and culture, you should surely taste some herring the Dutch way; grab it by its tail and slide it down your throat! Naturally, we'll show you how to eat it properly 😉  Enjoy a bit of personal time to take some pictures or to buy some souvenirs, before your guide takes you on the bus to Edam (10 min). Upon arrival in Edam, enjoy a guided stroll of this quaint village. What began as a settlement of farmers and fishermen in the 1100s, developed into a prosperous town well into the 17th century thanks to shipbuilding and cheese. With its rich history, Edam has more to offer than just cheese and is well worth a visit!

It only takes a safe, convenient and direct 30-minute bus ride to Volendam. In Edam, at the end of your tour, you can take the same bus back to Amsterdam (bus 316, 40 min). Your guide will show you where the bus stop is! If you are planning to use public transportation in Amsterdam as well, we advice you to purchase the 'Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket'. 

Bus stop at Amsterdam Central Station

Meeting point in Volendam at bus stop 'Vissersstraat' 

Booking the tour

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Our herring culture

May is the month when the annual six-week fishing season for maatjesharing (soused herring or Hollandse Nieuwe) starts, when the herring has reached a fat percentage of at least 16%. Then, every year around the beginning of June the first keg is auctioned and the proceeds go to a good cause. In 2015, the first keg was auctioned for € 53,000; the proceeds went to the National Fund for the Elderly. After the auction, herring parties are organized all over the country.

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